RM Rabbitry



Sales Policy:

All purchases of Rabbits are final, No Refunds.

A 50% Non Refundable deposit is required on any HOLD rabbits. The deposit is due within 5 business days to hold the rabbit. If on the 5th day deposit is not recieved the animal will be available. The animal will be held no longer than a months time period. Which if held over 2 weeks a charge of $5/wk will be applied.

We accept Cash, checks and money orders.

The animal will be sold at no younger than 6wks of age or will not leave the barn if they look as if they need a few extra days weaning.


We will have Pet, Breeding and Show Quality animals for sale. Price ranges $15-$100



Contact at  541-971-5721 or [email protected]






Gauge X Sweet Pea 

1 Chocolate Charlie Buck $35 Pet Price

1 Broken Chocolate Doe $40 Brood

1 Chocolate Doe -PENDING-

Gauge X Moon Pie

1 Broken Chocolate Otter Doe KEEPING

1 Chocolate Otter Charlie Doe 

Gauge X Paris

1 Broken Blue otter Doe KEEPING

1 Black Charlie 

Tiffany X Oliver

3 Black Otter Vienna Marked